Frequently Asked Questions


  • ShowingHero is an innovative platform that automates the stressful leasing process from lead to lease. ShowingHero eliminates 90% of your leasing activities so you can focus on closing and growing more doors.

    ShowingHero provides property managers control over leasing, peace of mind and most importantly saves them time! ShowingHero takes 100% of incoming calls, pre-screen prospects, coordinates showings and much more!!

  • Of course, you don’t need to automate, but you really should. Automation is like adding rocket boosters for business, we don’t need to be more efficient but we all want to.

    Allowing ShowingHero to automate your showings allows you to save the countless hours your admins or agents spend coordinating showing and instead focus on showing the property and closing the deal.

    Research shows that majority of prospects prefer to schedule showings during non-business hours, with ShowingHero your property is available 24/7 online and prospects can view properties, schedule showtimes and apply for the property all on their computer or our user-friendly mobile site.

  • ShowingHero allows prospect tenants to propose showings the traditional way, schedule agent showings based on our intuitive calendar functionality that allows your agents to create mini-calendars based on preference and priorities or schedule a Self-Showing via our safe, verified and secure electronic smart box system. 

  • It is simple and secured way of showings that are targeted towards prospects that prefer to see the property by themselves.

    Self-showings do not require agents which is also a positive impact on your bottom line. You choose the times and days when the property is open to prospects and we take care of the rest!

    ShowingHero takes your property's security seriously therefore we apply multiple levels of verification to ensure tracking, accountability and monitoring We verify, screen and validate each prospect tenant, coordinate the showing and inform you when someone entered and exited your property. We treat your property like our property, therefore with our new geo-fencing security features it helps reduce scams and potentials frauds.

  • ShowingHero pre-screens every tenant before they can even schedule a showing. This ensures prospects match your criteria and eliminates non-qualifiers. ShowingHero allows you to ask as many questions fully customizable by you so you don’t have to spend time over the phone or qualifying a prospect post-showings.

    ShowingHero ONLY let prospects schedule a showing that have passed the screening approved by you. Plus, we nurture the qualified prospects by creating customized and timely touch points in order to reach them at the right time every time.

  • We know data matters so we made it our joy to provide you valuable info at your fingertips. With our updated dashboard showing you top-line analytics to multiple reports sorted by tenant, showings, property, date and showing type and much more that we would have to create a report just to show you what are reporting offers.

    We provide you the numbers to keep you in control and informed to make the best decision for your business. 

  • We use telepathy! Well sort of and by sort of we mean alerts on our platform and notifications via email, sms. We instantly acknowledge and respond to all leads 24/7 and provide them the link to schedule their showings. We also communicate with your agents, occupants and prospects to schedule, confirm, remind, follow-up and tell them how awesome you are!

    Did we tell you that our 50 + templates are all customizable by you! We believe all messaging should stay true to your company brand and messaging. So everything can be customized from A to Z!


  • Yes we do! We integrate with other property management softwares and import your properties directly onto ShowingHero, so the sync is super simple and instant. 

  • No. We believe in exclusivity and work to get your doors closed. We choose not to list all our client’s properties on our site to allow for your properties to get full exposure and keep your tenant prospect's eyes on your properties. 

  • Yes of course.

    To ShowingHero, no Property Management company is too big or too small. Whether you are currently advertising on Craigslist or a larger syndicated website, ShowingHero adapts to your company’s needs. We are here to help take care of leasing, so you can focus on growing your business. 

  • We love our Canadian neighbours! ShowingHero has been helping property managers across the US and Canada, we have helped hundreds of thousands of happy prospect tenants schedule their showings using our simple and intuitive platform. 

  • Aww, thanks for calling us awesome. We think you are amazing as well. We as property managers ourselves built the software with YOU in mind. After you sign-up, our dedicated client success team who are leasing consultants will go through a multi-layered on-boarding process. We work with your team during the first month to ensure every user is comfortable from your high-achieving agent to your admins who are pulling reports. 

  • Sign-up and on-boarding is as simple as choosing a package that fits your company's needs. Click here to choose from our pricing plan. Don’t worry you can always upgrade or downgrade and best of all there is no contract.

    But wait there is more! We only charge for your active listing (cough cough unlike those other guys). 

  •  ShowingHero does not have a call center by design but we provide every client with a dedicated ShowingHero phone number.

    We feel that information presented in the correct manner can be self-absorbed which in return provides significant cost-savings to our clients.  Most queries regarding properties or showings can be answered via our automated messaging or on our user-friendly site. However, if there is a need for further information, ShowingHero routes the prospect tenant to your office or to our client success team depending on the call.